Meet AliBaba scammer Weiheng Si 司唯亨

Nearly all AliBaba factory profiles are fake and set up by scammy middlemen like Mr. Weiheng "Wayne" Si.

Phone numbers in use by this scammer:


Whatsapp +86-15924269697

Tianjin Hengmeida Cosmetic Co tried to extort us

This company uses a variety of fake names:

Tianjin Hengmeida Cosmetic Co., LTD
Tianjin City Cosmetics Manufactory and Trading Ltd
Tianjin Hengmeida Industry and Trade Co, LTD
HMD HangMeiDa Cosmetic

But their real name is 天津市亨美达化妆品工贸有限公司, which stands for Tianjin Hengmeida Cosmetics Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

Its CEO is 王玉兰 (Wang Yu Lan), owning 94% of the company.

This is reported in their business report.

Since Mr. Si told us he is in fact the owner, the only way that could remotely be true is if his wife is Wang Yulan and indeed, Wang is a female name. This is his wife:


Their AliBaba page:

They put in their profile the web address

..and looking at the registration data for, it's indeed 15 years old (but registered to Zhan Zhou and not Weiheng Si):


Fake website

But that website is not for a Chinese cosmetics company but for a sports betting and casino gameplay company!

We used the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine to see how that site used to look, and it indeed had a "HengMeiDa Cosmetic" logo but it never had a functioning site, meaning that company likely never existed:

Notice the sloppiness: "Cov" instead of "Co". For a few years it had the same template as above, then only web host messages that the site was defunct. Also does not have a site on it.

Wayne Si, when emailing with his victims, only uses the domain. He emails from and pretends to be "David" as well from AliBaba lists the company email address as The facebook page for the fake company also lists a

But look at then that page was created: Just a few months before we placed our order with Mr. Weiheng Si 司唯亨 and a mere four days after he registered the domain

He claims in emails to be the owner of the company:

...but Ali Baba's page says the owner's name is a woman named Wang Yu Lan:

The photo shows a run-down, abandoned looking building and the photos on his AliBaba profile show just a few workers. Yet he claims to employ 100 people:


Tianjin Hengmeida Cosmetics Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is a fake cosmetics producer and in fact a tiny broker

They claim to be a huge corporation and should have been on AliBaba since their inception, but in reality, their total turnover in four years on that platform was $50,000 spread over 112 transactions:

This is an average order value of a mere $446. $12,500 per year. Say 50% of that is profit. $6,000/year. Still worth it as a side job for a scammer in China.

How Weiheng Si scammed us

Scammers like Si are not subcontracting agents for a company. They're simply self-appointed middlemen, and usually criminal ones at that. It's of course already fraudulent to pretend to be a factory when in fact you're a middleman, because this makes the product more expensive to the buyer, without their knowledge. But the real fraud happens after payment. How that works is that the middleman lets the factory send samples directly to us. Those samples pass testing. Then when we place our $5,800 order, the company-faking middleman lets the real company dropship the absolute cheapest fake product. That's how they make their real money - not by getting comission! We're letting the product we purchased from him be analyzed and will post the results here.

Fake invoice

We're pretty sure that company does not exist - not a trace of their existence can be found. We're letting a China business intelligence company run a checkup on it and we'll report that here soon.
Note how the invoice mentions "PEUR, LIMA" as the destination, whereas we're in the Czech Republic.Sloppiness upon sloppiness is an indication you're not dealing with an actual company.

Which we paid:

Fake customs invoice

The customs "invoice" enclosed with the shipment neither has an invoice number nor our company name on it, so it's a fraudulent document and not an invoice at all.
Note again the sloppiness: "No commercial value the invoice is for customs puppes only".

Likely fake product

We're having the ingredients analyzed in a lab and will report here.

Wayne Si claimed it contains 10% Hyaluronic acid:

The prospects look grim, since everything else was not as agreed upon also. We were supposed to get a frosted bottle instead of a clear one, and we were supposed to get golden print instead of inkjet-black dot-matrix.

Suddenly he wants $696 more

After we paid, he came with a story on how the bottles would freeze on the train through Siberia, so he'd ship part of it by air instead. We asked him to test the bottles in a freezer and he claimed he did:

But when we did the same, the bottles did not damage, after having been frozen at -21 Celcius (-6 F) and the seals remained intact:

.. so it seemed a ploy to get extra money without the slightest evidence that it was ever paid. He repeatedly offered the below as an "invoice" for that 696 dollars:

In spite of us asking a dozen times for a document that we could use to justify paying him that sum (which we were willing to do), Mr. Si not only refused to issue a proforma invoice or even any proof he paid that $696 extra, he also wanted to have that cash deposited onto his personal bank account in New Zealand:

ACCT Number: 06-0983-0107174-00

Beneficiary: Weiheng Si:



Then he wants $ 317,60 on top of that (total of $1,013.60 attempted extortion)

We already showed above that we paid his $ 5,800 invoice to the correct bank account. However Mr. Si then created a fake invoice in AliBaba with different account details and claimed we had paid those invoices, only "not enough":

He said that his Singaporean bank, when we transferred the US dollars into it, took hundreds of dollars in exchange fee and he wanted us to pay for his mistake:

Note how "last time you paid on Alibaba" is a falsehood.

Weiheng Si is guilty of attempted criminal extortion: Threatens to shut down our company

We exchanged approx. 100 emails with Mr. Si. In the below exchange, we marked the falsehoods with a green box and the threat with a red box.
Mr. Si is stronly implying he has the power to make the Chinese authorities block further exports from Chinese companies to us, unless we pay him more than a thousand dollars.
We are considering contacting the Chinese Embassy to file a Police complaint against him for criminal extortion.


He said he will severely damage our company very soon, to "teach you some humility", an expression he used a lot in his final emails:


The product had to be discarded and could not be sold - broken bottles and glass and leaked product in all boxes

Like all fly-by-night fake companies on AliBaba, also Weiheng Si 司唯亨 is unwilling and unable to provide a usable product in more ways than one. Here you can see how ALL boxes arrived: Full of crushed vials, contaminating the surviving vials with liquid and glass splinters.